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That Witch Leila de Lima Deserved a Death Penalty not charges Says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump who praised Philippine president Durtete for his continued fight against drugs blamed the prosecutors who filled charges against senator Leila de Lima saying that she deserved a death penalty instead.


US President Donald Trump

That witch called Leila de Lima deserved a death penalty not charges,she has caused the people of Philippine a lot and the president as well. I would like to thank Mr.Duterte for his fight against drugs,he is the kind of leaders i would like to work with“,says Donald Trump.

Duterte critic Senator Leila de Lima is accused of receiving money from detained drug lords .A former top human rights official, she has denied the claims, calling them “politically motivated”.

More than 7,000 people have been killed since Mr Duterte launched his war on the drug trade in July 2016.Critics say he has encouraged police, vigilantes and mercenaries to shoot suspected drug dealers and users on sight.

Mr Duterte has defended the crackdown, saying police were only authorised to open fire when threatened by suspects.

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