Ruto is so arrogant and corrupt to lead this country says Moses Kuria

This is now the third time for the GEMA community to openly say they won’t support Ruto for presidency . Kamanda was the first one to disclose this big secret followed by Kabogo who said that Mt.Kenya people are not ready to support Ruto for presidency because they already have their own.


Gatundu South nominated MP Moses Kuria

Speaking at a fund-drive in Gatundu,Kuria echoed their sentiments by saying that the biggest mistake Kenyans can make is electing William Ruto as the president because he can not unite Kenyans. Instead of uniting Kenyans he is creating more enemies day and night added Kuria.

He also expressed their displeasure on the many scandals behind Ruto and how he arrogantly responds to them.

The biggest question is ,Is GEMA community using  Ruto as a bridge to get 2022 presidency then dump him ?

Tafakari hayo.


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