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Rodrigo Duterte Is Philippine’s Only Hope and Savior,Says Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW 24th June 2017,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has come defending Duterte who is going a lot of intimidation from several states concerning the on going Marawi attacks. Speaking from Moscow,Putin warned those who were said to have plotted to kill Duterte through the military. Duterte is gift from God to the Philippines and they should not allow any one to play with him.

“Duterte is one selfless leader who loves his country and his people more than anything,talking of killing him is a big joke and next to impossible,”Said Putin. President Rodrigo Duterte promised change was coming when he won the presidency last year, and one of his campaign promises was to rid the government of corruption.

The tough-talking former mayor of Davao City has vowed to impose his iron-fisted way of ruling to wage a war against corruption – but, he acknowledges, it’s a fight he can’t win alone.

“One of the promises I made to the people is I will stop corruption in government. I cannot do it alone. You have to be aware of what I’m doing and you have to help me,” he said.



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