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NASA’s Continued Unity Is Worrying,Says Kikuyu Elders

Kikuyu elders from Murang’a and Kiambu Counties have expressed their worry by the way NASA is united and committed,sweeping the whole country with the #10MillionStrong slogan which is becoming more popular than Jubilee itself.

Njoroge Kimani who is the senior elder of the Kikuyu community says that it is started with the falling  of Mugumo tree followed by the falling of the presidential sword. “That symbolizes a bad thing to happen and it’s on the way,the Kikuyu community can never be comfortable having a president who is a none Kikuyu.” Says Kimani.

The elders blamed the Deputy President William Ruto who has been on the fore-front in corruption and land grabbing. They added that if  their son Uhuru Kenyatta is going to miss his second term Ruto will be ten one to be blamed. “Now if we won’t be careful,NASA will win this election and it will be very hard for Kalenjins and Kikuyus,says the elders.


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