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Jaybee Sebastian Found Dead In His Hotel Room


Jaybee Sebastian

Its not long since Doniña revealed about how plans were done to silence Jaybee Sebastian so that he can’t testify against Ma’am Leila de Lima about the proliferation of illegal drugs in the NBP.

On 17th January morning Sebastian was found dead in an undisclosed hotel room in Manilla,cause of death is yet to be known. Might Leila De Lima be involved in his death or not?

Jaybee Niño Manicad Sebastian is a Filipino inmate interred at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) who was convicted for kidnap-for-ransom and carjacking in 2009. He is known for running a prison gang inside the NBP and was allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade within the prison. On September 28, 2016, Sebastian and two other inmates were injured, while a Chinese drug lord named Tony Co died after being involved in a stabbing incident in NBP Building 14.

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