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I will Restore the good working relation with Philippines which Obama destroyed says Donald Trump

Many Americans and people across the world still can’t  believe that Donald Trump is the president of United States of America . We’ve heard of many demonstrations in different states in America and the fact remains he is the president whether they like it or not. Trump might also shock the whole by his brilliant leadership.

President Trump has praised Philippine president for his continued fight against drugs and said that he will be happy to work with like minded people.



President Duterte

Early this month Trump said that he will work closely with nations which are willing to work with America and that every American citizen will be given the opportunity to discover their abilities and talents. One of Trumps main agenda in his manifesto is to create job opportunities to all jobless youths in America.

Philippine president Duterte has been having wrangles with former US president Obama which led Obama to stop gun-sale to them. Speaking on a press conference yesterday in his home in New York,Trump promised to create a good working relation with President Duterte.

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