Here is Joho’s Nightmare

Is Joho afraid of Hezrone and Omar combination for Mombasa gubernatorial ?

Joho who has gained popularity for  the past few days is said to be seeking national publicity so that Mombasa people can see him as a strong leader which might not be the case. Coastal leaders threatened to disclose Joho’s source of wealth if he continues with his chest thumping and pride.

Nyali MP Hezrone Awiti is said to deputize Senator Omar Hassan on the gubernatorial seatin 2017 which is said to be Joho’s biggest nightmare.


Senator Omar Hassan and Nyali MP Hezrone Awiti

The ball is now left in the hands of Mombasa people to score or lose in the  next governor. Joho whos is said to take the ODM  mantle from Raila promised to head Raila’s presidential campaign across the country is coming out strong and bold.



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