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Duterte Attracts More Investors As Bill Gates Invests $20 Billion In The Philippines

Many thought the drug war embarked on by the president of Philippines Rodrigo Durtete would drive away investors from the country. On the contrary,it is rather bringing in more investors as the country is now considered safer than ever before due to the washing away of all drug pushers and drug lords from the country.


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte


In a press briefing ,the richest man on earth Bill gates admitted that it has been his plans to invest in the Philippines but was scared of the rapid increaser in drug trade and its associated crime.

“I was very scared .i can just send funds anywhere to invest. I have to make sure the country is safe. Now that president Duterte has done away with drug lords and pushers,i’m ready to invest in Phillipines”, says Bill Gates.

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