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Breaking: Fatou Bensouda Warns Uhuru And Ruto Against Reviving ICC Issue

Finally ICC Prosecutor Fatou  Bensouda has reacted to the issue of reviving the ICC cases as per  Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Bensouda said that the cases ended long time ago and those using that in their campaigns, are looking for sympathy votes. “Using such cases in campaigns is totally wrong and against the law,its also political conman-ship of some kind.

It’s said that ICC case renewal is a Jubilee ploy…The data mining firm hired by Jubilee to help them win the elections, is behind Anton Steigar, the ICC lawyer. The company bought for him a 1st class air ticket to Tanzania and hosted him in a 5-star hotel where he met a Daily Nation journalist to talk about the ICC.

The issue is not whether the ICC cases should be opened or not,because indeed Kenyans want justice. The issue here is Jubilee political conman-ship which will be unraveled as time progresses.

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